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eSmart Libraries
eSmart Libearies Check In Edition 42, November

This year alone has seen almost 200 libraries in Australia begin their eSmart journey (778 branches in total) and by December there will be nearly 200 eSmart accredited libraries across Australia.

The final 2016 newsletter in December will headline all libraries who have implemented eSmart in 2016 so make sure you complete your final actions by 1 December and join the ever increasing eSmart community.

National eSmart Week 2016 Competition

During National eSmart Week 5-9 September, we ran a competition to create a cyber safety resource to share amongst the community.  There was a wide variety of creative entries from schools and libraries including videos, posters, Mr. Men character books and we were challenged to choose a single winner. 
Congratulations to every library who sent in their competition entries.  The three library entries that stood out are:

1st place: Swan Hill Library
The winning entry included cyber safety games and quizzes. Teen-techs held a drop in session for library users to learn more about cyber safety.

Highly Commended: Wimmera Regional Library Corporation
Highly Commended: Mid-Western Regional Council Library Service

All three libraries have won free 
eSmart Digital Licences, thanks to the Telstra Foundation, to use in cyber safety training sessions with staff or library users. 

Gunnedah Shire Council Library Service, NSW reached eSmart status at the end of September. The regional library service became involved in this year’s National eSmart Week by arranging displays and Junior Brain Games featuring cyber safety. 

The library now provides a ‘Goodie Bag’ to new library members and includes a copy of the Little Black Book of Scams, a flyer of cyber safety websites and a cyber safety inspired booklist.
Mount Gambier Library, SA was delighted to reach accreditation and incorporated specific cyber safety handouts in their Community display and Children’s area. The team highlighted relevant tips for discussion during their Computer and Help Desk sessions and added cyber safety to digital literacy learning modules.
Hobsons Bay Libraries, VIC reached accreditation mid October since beginning its eSmart framework 12 months ago. Their tip to success is to engage their leadership team early on and enlist the help of all staff across their 5 branches.
Last week, Eastern Regional Libraries Corporation, VIC had cause for celebration when their 18 branches reached eSmart status. The Corporation engaged regularly with their youth and senior communities by holding a variety of training and workshop sessions to support their learning needs.
Welcome to eSmart Libraries

Welcome to South Australia’s School Community Libraries who have joined eSmart.  PLS (Public Library Services, SA) is now leading all School Community Libraries in SA through the eSmart Libraries initiative to progress to eSmart status in one year. 

By managing the project, PLS can provide generic policy templates and training modules for staff and their library community according to regional requirements. Thank you to the PLS team for our creative delivery partnership.  
Case Study

Gunnedah Shire Council Library Service has just reached eSmart status and moves into the Sustaining phase of their journey.  As the library celebrates, eSmart Coordinator Christiane Birkett (below) shares how they embedded eSmart into their library operations. “One of the biggest benefits was the upskilling of all library staff which will flow onto their interaction with library clients.  

The library has also become more focused on cyber safety issues, generating lists of websites, book lists, and purchasing more cyber safety titles suited to various age groups”. 
Read more here.
Gunnedah Shire Council Library Service, NSW
eSmart Working Group L-R: Robyn Draper, Christiane Birkett, Yvonne Reading, Liz Ironmonger and Fiona Sills. Absent: Gina Torrens
eSmart Resources from Libraries
Wimmera Regional Libraries Corporation
Wimmera Regional Libraries Corporation VIC created a handy guide to Social Media and Online Gaming apps. Print this out to add to your library cyber safety materials for Action 4.2.

Geraldton Regional Libraries
Geraldton Regional Libraries in WA shared their staff survey on digital literacy with us. Interesting questions include finding out how staff accessed online information and cyber safety topics, and providing a digital information lifecycle. The responses were summarised and informed the Working Group of the training required over the next few months. Forming a staff training plan ticks off Action 3.1

Hobsons Bay Libraries
As part of the policy update in Domain 2, Hobsons Bay Libraries, VIC reviewed their filtering regulations. The document also guided staff through the procedure of unblocking appropriate websites when requested.

Swan Hill Regional Libraries
Keeping staff knowledgeable about cyber security was a priority for Swan Hill Regional Libraries, VIC.  The eSmart team developed and delivered a short slide presentation for their staff outlining hacking methods and potential IT threats. (Domain 3)
Big Sky Libraries
A regular feed of cyber safety messages works in any library setting. This display was created by Big Sky Libraries in NSW for National eSmart Week. The short message are powerful and reach out to users well.  (Action: 4.2, 4.3)

Tips and Tricks for being cyber-safe

Our cyber safety experts at the Alannah and Madeline Foundation have recently been studying the increase of ‘phishing scams’. Here’s their advice for dealing with the current trend:
  1. Gotta keep ‘em separated. Separate your work and private emails. Why did Australia Post email me at work? That’s weird…they don’t know my work email…very, very phishy…
  2. Preview to avoid the pain. Get into the habit of viewing emails via a full preview pane. Sometimes, opening an email is enough to let the bad stuff in. A preview pane lets you look at all the phishies in safety.
  3. That moment of weakness. Chances are, even with the best firewalls and filters, and the best of self-protective intentions, you will be suckered into clicking on a nasty email at some point. It usually comes from that moment of weakness…that’s what the scammers count on.
    1. you’re in a rush to get to a meeting
    2. you received the email from a friend, and trust it
    3. those tickets to the Grand Final have come through!
The solution? Be an email cynic. Sounds dark, right? Whenever an email registers: ‘Wait-a-minute-I-don’t-feel-quite-right-about-this’– Slow down. Think it through. Look at it later.
Recommended Resources

  • Staff training is best in short and regular sessions. Expert information is provided by Common Sense Media, including the most popular questions asked around cyber bullying and safe online behaviour.
  • With the a huge number of scams sent to people’s in-boxes, this website identifies new ones and provides common sense advice in recognising them before they are opened.
  • For library staff seeking the latest apps take a look at these tech tools which have been approved by librarians. These learning apps can complement tech sessions in the library and are suitable for a wide age range of under 18’s.

Upcoming support visits

eSmart Advisor Brad Langoulant is predominantly assisting libraries in New South Wales and Queensland. Brad has a background working in public libraries and has been part of our team for the past 6-months.

During November he will be travelling throughout Queensland to meet with libraries progressing through eSmart. If you would like to arrange a free eSmart support visit please email Brad to secure your date:

Jo Whitford is heading to South Australia in mid-November to support and train a team of new school library staff. There are still some available sessions on 16 November so if you are metro based and would like an eSmart support visit please email to arrange a 1hr session:

We are on the road around Victoria during the next 8 weeks. If you have hit a roadblock or need to get started and want eSmart ideas to complete actions, please
email us with the subject: I’d like a support visit