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eSmart Libraries

Happy Spring!

National eSmart Week 2016 was an amazing success. During the week, which ran between September 5 and 9, more than 1,130  schools, libraries and community organisations came together to celebrate cyber safety and digital inclusion in their communities.

In this edition, we will celebrate the libraries that have recently achieved eSmart status and highlight some of the libraries, which participated in National eSmart week. You will also find useful eSmart resources, cyber safety tips and tricks and more.

Welcome to eSmart!

Since the beginning of September, a number of new libraries have joined the eSmart Libraries program, further encouraging their community to be smart, safe and responsible online.  

Geelong Regional Library Corporation VIC, Townsville City Libraries QLD, Kojonup Libraries WA and Richmond Tweed Regional Library NSW are all new to eSmart!


Congratulations to Yarra Libraries VIC and Wimmera Regional Library Corporation VIC, which recently achieved their eSmart accredidation!


National eSmart Week 2016

Communities from across the country celebrated cyber safety and digital inclusion during National eSmart Week. A total of 91 libraries registered for the event including non-eSmart libraries, all focusing on encouraging online safety in their community.

During the week, the eSmart team held an eSmart cyber safety seminar at Ipswich Library in Queensland where we showcased case studies highlighting Ipswich and Noosa Libraries' journeys to become eSmart. 

We’d like to thank Ipswich Libraries for co-hosting the event and for their tremendous support in making this a very successful seminar. More eSmart seminars are planned during the next 12 months.

Have a look at some of the activities and events libraries organised during National eSmart Week.

Hume Libraries
Hume Libraries VIC, created a message board where their community added cyber safety tips. Hume Libraries was the first library service in Australia to become eSmart. The team continually encourage online safety in creative ways.

City of Karratha Libraries
City of Karratha Libraries WA recently became eSmart and held their accreditation celebration during National eSmart Week. The community enjoyed events every day, including presentations by representatives from Telstra WA.

Take a look at some of the activities:

Nedlands Library
The team at Nedlands Library WA created a display highlighting cyber safety and posted a daily cyber safety link on social media. The team will follow up their National eSmart Week activities with a cyber safety workshop next month through efriends.

Campaspe Regional Libraries
Jenny Mustey, eSmart Coordinator at Campaspe Regional Libraries visited Echuca East Primary School as guest speaker and shared cyber safety tips at a school assembly during National eSmart Week. Each student also took away an information bag. This is a wonderful example of reaching out to the wider community as suggested in Action 5.2. Read the review.

Photo: Sharon Van De Zand and Jenny Musety at Echuca East Primary

eSmart resources from libraries

Yarra Libraries

As part of its storytime program, Yarra Libraries VIC chose to share a cyber safety message with their younger community. Here is a summary of their eSmart Storytime.

Picture: Krisha Leione, Children’s & Youth Librarian, Yarra Libraries, VIC

Albany Libraries

Albany Libraries WA is heading towards eSmart accreditation and have updated a number of best practice policies, including their Behaviour Charter (Action 2.1) and their Councils IT Policy (Action 1.3). Click on the links to take a look. 


Tips and Tricks for being cyber-safe

  • A perfect resource for a self-learning module for staff, take a look at this fabulous cyber safety guide from Open Colleges. A number of tips for staying safe online are covered.

  • Virtual Classrooms will be available to librarians between October and December 2016 thanks to the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner. Sessions including other state based sessions, are open to all schools and teachers nationally and will be shortly listed on our webpage.

  • Is using online devices at the meal table detracting from quality family conversation? Common Sense Media outlines why device-free dinners are a healthy option and great for kids to see how to establish good media habits from a young age. Read all about it here.


ALIA Conference - Adelaide

Thanks for visiting us at the Alannah & Madeline's eSmart stand. It was great to hear the various ways libraries are promoting positive messages around cyber safety in libraries across Australia. We loved catching up across the three days and encourage you to share your progress with us and your wider community.

We look forward to hearing from you either by phone or webinar, and if you would like us to arrange an eSmart support visit, please let us know.


Training Dates and Upcoming seminars

We do not have any training dates in October. If you require assistance or inspiration you can visit our website, or we can hold a 10-minute check in by phone to fast track you through a couple of actions. 

Discussing how other libraries have implemented cyber safety in their libraries will give you a boost towards eSmart accreditation.

Call Brad, Jacqui or Jo on: 1300 538 534 or email: with the subject: “I’d like a 10-minute catch-up.”
Case Study

Click here to read about how Newcastle Library Service's eSmart journey is going.