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eSmart Schools

Becoming eSmart - Term 4 2017

Welcome to the final newsletter for 2017. We can’t believe term four is already here!

What a great year we have had, 344 schools have achieved status, 231 schools have become members and we have had 94 schools start their journey with us.

Thank you to all who contributed to eSmart week, it was a huge success. We hope to continue to grow each year and continue spreading the eSmart message.

We have commenced training with our great Tasmanian schools and look forward to working with them on their eSmart journey in 2018.

We also must say congratulations to one of our eSmart Coordinators, Claire, who will be leaving us in the next couple of weeks to have a baby. Those of you who have met up with Claire on your eSmart journey will know she has a great understanding about online safety and has been a great support in this way.
Good luck Claire in your new journey of motherhood. We wish you and your family every bit of happiness.

To all our schools, have a great end to 2017, thanks for all your great work in keeping children safe online and see you all in 2018.

Best wishes,
Judi Fallon
eSmart Programs Manager, Alannah & Madeline Foundation
National eSmart Week
A splash of purple was seen across Australia with over 1,000 organisations celebrating National eSmart Week.

The week once again showed how important schools are as trusted places for communities to come and learn together. From staff training and eSmart displays to cyber safety story time and community outreach, each school took a unique approach to the week, all with the common goal of promoting the smart, safe and responsible use of technology.
eSmart Membership
As eSmart Membership continues to grow it is wonderful to see so many staff taking up the opportunities to use their benefits, such as discount on student, staff and parent Connect presentations and half price tickets to our signature PD events.

If you are still working through the original framework but would love for your school to be an eSmart Membership school then don’t panic, there is still time. Once you complete the framework you will be able to sign up to become involved in our Membership program. If you would like some help then you can organise an online visit with our school team to work through the framework together.

Enquire here about eSmart Membership.
St Christopher’s Primary School took learning in the classroom to a new level
It has been almost three years since the one to one Chromebook program began and every year the school’s eSmart team assesses the effectiveness of this program and the school’s use of digital tools. We believe we are in a good place but it has not come single handedly. Many factors have contributed to its success. Read the full story.