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eSmart Libraries Newsletter - Edition 51

Welcome to the latest edition of Check-In for 2018! This newsletter is circulated free of charge every two months to all eSmart registered library services in Australia. We hope you make good use of it and if you think it would be beneficial, feel free to forward it on.

Sunrise calls on all states to step up against cyber bullying 
It’s been a massive start to the year for eSmart with our partner program eSmart Schools being featured on the Sunrise program hosted by David Koch and Samantha Armytage. Described by leading child physiologist Michael Carr-Gregg as world’s best practice, eSmart won widespread support, being praised for its evidence based approach and whole of organisation framework.

eSmart Libraries Membership
eSmart Membership is the next step forward for libraries who have achieved eSmart status. Launching in July, it will offer the next phase of skills development to library staff and assist in supporting library communities to embrace technology safely and confidently. Contact us to find out more.
Wonderful Codes of Conduct
Ever since being launched by Port Adelaide, the one-page infographic code of conduct has become an iconic part of eSmart Libraries. See below for a variety of different designs that you are welcome to use at your own library.

Hepburn Libraries

City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters Libraries

City of Bunbury

Upper Hunter Library Network
Code of Conduct 1
The eSmart 17
There have been many changes in libraries in recent years, however one thing that hasn’t changed is the vital role a library plays in connecting people with the information they need. With this in mind, Fraser Coast Libraries have created the eSmart 17 – an online brochure to help direct their customers to the best cyber safety resources.

Q & A
A new section of the newsletter. We are going to answer some of the more common questions that we receive. If you have a question you would like answered email us at

Q: The staff training modules have been a wonderful help. Is there any way of tracking which staff members have and haven’t completed them?

A: The training modules don’t ask for any personal information so there is no way to know who has or hasn't completed it. You can however, use the information we have provided to cut and paste into your own trackable training management system. Alternatively you may wish to use the staff checklist, which allows them to tick off the modules as they complete them and sign their name at the end.