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eSmart Libraries Newsletter - Edition 53
Welcome to the latest edition of Check-In for 2018! This newsletter is circulated every two months to all eSmart registered library services in Australia. If it would be beneficial to others, please share it!
National eSmart Week 2018
On behalf of the Alannah & Madeline Foundation, we sincerely thank everyone who took part in National eSmart Week 2018.

We are proud to say this is the biggest eSmart Week ever, with 1388 schools, libraries and organisations taking part. 
In every corner of Australia, people united to share knowledge and hold innovative, positive events to promote the smart, safe and responsible use of technology.
Domain 3: Staff Training Resources
By now most of you would be aware of the staff training modules, with part two coming in early 2019. However staff engagement doesn't have to start or end there. Here are two further ideas for helping staff develop positive eSmart behaviours.

eSmart staff checklist
An eSmart checklist for staff is designed to answer the fundamental question "what are the basic requirements of a librarian when it comes to assisting people with technology?" By using a checklist you can identify gaps in staff knowledge, ensure consistency and define more clearly the role of the modern librarian.

eSmart learning by email
Another option is to upskill staff via a regular eSmart email, where each email focuses on a different topic. The examples attached were created by Libraries ACT and rolled out during eSmart Week. Access them here
Fortnite - what is it?
Move over Minecraft, there's a new player on the scene and it's highly likely your library has Fortnite players in it!

Here are a couple of articles that help make sense of Fortnite and you may wish to share some of the links on social media: